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The Telemarkskanalrittet is being held for the 13th time this year on Saturday May 31st. The track follows along the beautiful scenery of the Telemark kanal, starting at Dalen (100 km) or Kviteseid (55 km), ending at Lunde sports arena (Idrettspark). There is also a fitness track available (24 km) starting and ending at Lunde sports arena.
Fitnes classes from Dalen with first start at 09.00 am and from Kviteseid with first start at 10.00 am. Age classes from Dalen only, starting at 10.30 am. Price of Honor - the «Kanalrytteren 2013» goes to the fastes male or fastes female doing the stretch of the long track Dalen–Lunde (100 km). Class prizes. Bring your family and friends along to an active week end along the Telemarkskanalen.

Everyone making their entry before April 10th are also in the draw of a hybrid bike.

New from 2014: Your name will not show on the starting list until your payment is received.


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